Digital innovation in collaboration between city, region and academy (DISRA)

  • This project is aimed at elderly with multiple illnesses. We identify and design innovative services, based on data-driven solutions. The goal is to proactively prevent mistreatment in health care and re-enrollment in advanced hospital care.

Data-driven solutions in complex care processes (DISAL)

  • This is a project financed by Stockholm County Council that aims to discover opportunities to apply artificial intelligence techniques to improve multi-care processes where there is a need for collaboration between several parties. 

Process Mining Janusmed

  • Process Mining Janusmed is a project financed by the Stockholm County Council that aims to evaluate the use of Janusmed (the Drug-Drug Interaction System) by caregivers.

Aspect Oriented Business Process Management

  • Aspect-Oriented Business Process Management (AOBPM) is a project that aims to support the separation of cross-cutting concerns in Business Process Management.