Data Warehousing

This course focuses on teaching data warehousing concepts, architectures, design techniques and implementation. The Kimball dimensional modeling is the major design technique that is covered in this course. Students also learn about theories and concepts behind Online analytical processing (OLAP), and how they can use different sort of techniques to query multi-dimensional data. 

The theory is accompanied by a set of projects and labs. Students shall implement a data warehouse following the full data warehouse lifecycle based on the Kimball approach. 

The student will implement Extract Transform Load (ETL) pipelines to update their data warehouse using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). An example of such a pipeline is shown in this figure:

They will also implement OLAP cubes by defining dimensions, hierarchies, aggregations, cubes, KPIs, etc. in SQL Server Analysis Services. Examples of such implementations are shown here:

They will also query the OLAP cubes using Multidimensional Expressions (MDX). They will also use Power BI and Microsoft Excel to visualize the information by connecting them to OLAP cubes. 

The course cover the full data warehouse lifecycle based on Kimball approach.

Tools used in this course: