Business Process and Case Management

Business Process and Case Management (BPCM) is a course that focuse on introducing how knowledge-intensive business processes can be supported using different methods, techniques, and tools. In this course, students will learn about designing case management processes using DCR, Case Management Model and Notation™ (CMMN™), and Declare. Also, students learn about how such processes can be dsicovered from event logs using differtent process mining techniques. Also, students learn how to check the conformance of executed business process with teh given model using process mining.

Students learn designing DCR models using dcrgraphs. Here are some screenshots showing how students practice and learned DCR. dcrgraph enables students to highlight process description by identifying roles, activities and rules as shown here:

Then, students can design their DCR graph, which is actually connected to the case description. In this way, there is very good tracability to identify why some elments are designed in that way. Here is another example showing sample model.

Then, students can simulate the designed process. Also, there are more support by dcrgraph that can be read in DCR graph website

Students also learn CMMN, which is a standard defined by OMG. Students use online editors to design such models. They can use or the case modeler provided by Trisotech. Trisotech also supports simulating CMMN model which is very helpful to learn this language. Here is an screenshot fosuch model using

Here is also one screenshot from Trisotech

In addition, students learn Declare with the help of CPN Tools using which they can model and simulate their processes. They follow a simple lab to learn CPN tools. Here is a screenshot of the lab result that they follow:

Finally, they learn abour declarative process mining. We use RuM to teach both process discovery and conformance checking. There is also one lab that helps students to learn it. Here is some screenshots of Rum:


To sum up, students were positive and happy by learning case management and applying different techniques during the assignment.

Tools used in this course:



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